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Food welches excellent. The built hinein entertainment from movies to games welches amazing! It saves you space from having to pack a bunch of electronics. I always enjoy a window seat but the people next to me didn't get up at all!

Negativ: Extreme thin walls, can hear everything within the hotel and going on outside. There is an extreme lack of parking and the 10 spots that are there, are angled, it is impossible to turn around to pull out of the parking lot.

Their emails were not clear on this policy at all and you should be able to do it at the Ryanair counter vs go to another line. It was very convoluted and not a great customer experience. I wish somebody warned me of this policy as we almost missed an entire day in Santorini. LIS

Fairly new plane. Only airline that made us check rein ur luggage; and charged us an exorbitant amount (+/- $90 per luggage) hinein doing so. No customer service at all. 1st attendant wouldn’t let us check-in at the counter, and 2nd attendant made us check rein our carry-on despite it only being 2kg over.

Forced to check hinein my carry on since it exceeded 6 kilos (that's very little for an international flight)

Would you please convey our sincere thanks to all at Bilyana Golf and also if possible would you also send ur thanks to the management at the Cornelia deluxe hotel also.

Finally I nearly made it to the gate, on the bus and on the plane. It did not give me the chance to relax at the lounge as I paid for a business class ticket. I felt not being taken care of properly and as expected. IST

The first leg of my trip was good. Pegasus first changed my 2hr layover to 24hrs then cancelled my second flight entirely without informing me. I was unable to rebook an alternative flight as they require the vendor, pricline to sort it out and priceline can only communication is email.

Received emails about baggage, the policy stated that any cabin baggage beyond 1 would be checked for FREE hinein the hold. My wife and I both arrived with a small carry-on bag and a backpack. Upon arrival to Lisbon the attendant told us we needed to pay40euro each for the extra bag because it was slightly bigger than the bag “tester” box. (It fit sideways but not long ways).

Manierlich:: Das es an dem flughafen anliegend liegt aber was internet Liierung betrifft absolut nicht zu empfehlen, denn w-lan gibts nichts als im lobby In diesem fall sehr unerheblich und in dem zimmer ist das Litze für die Liierung so klein, Dasjenige man nicht im bett damit schaffen kann:(!!!

So I welches stuck sitting and didn't have a chance to stretch my legs. Not the airlines fault of course. If you put your seat back a little, it just pushes your knees farther forward. LAX

Ausgewählte Hotelbewertungen zum Hotel Kalibaru Cottages 01.05.2009 Excellent place to stay with western comfort and great trips Sonstiger Aufenthalt Paar 4,4 Generell / Hotel Rumah Kita is a small hotel with just 4 very clean rooms rein a huge garden with swimmingpool. The rooms are very spacious with each a big bathroom with shower and their own terrace. All rooms have their own coffee and tea making facilities and minibar (Fridge) The Reihe - up is quite different from other places we stayed as the staff andrang their own small business. Cook and staff andrang the restaurant. The cleaning lady runs the laundry service etc and all for their own account. They are all very friendly and helpfull. Another advantage of this place is that they can organise trips to Extra resources places where tourists come rarely, such as to Meru Betiri Nat Park where you can see the giant seaturtles lay their eggs, to Kawah Ijen vulcano, To Baluran Nat Park etc. And take a ride with the dokar (horse and Carriage) through the village and Teich the different , one person home industries of the country side rein Indonesia Bauplatz Rumah Kita is situated 3 kilometer outside Kalibaru rein the countryside. You have a beautiful view over the rice fields and on the Gunung Raung vulcano. Rein the village is no bank so bring enough money. Nearest bank 20 kilometer. You cannot buy any souvenirs but that is why you are hinein the country side. You can make walks up the mountains and through various plantations (Coffee and Sugar and further away Chocolate and Rubber) To get to the village you just take the local minibus ( 10 Euro cents) To get to Kalibaru you can take the train from Surabaya of Banyuwangi (ferry to Bali) of the public bus. Rumah Kita can alsi arrange transport for you to and from as far as Yogyakarta and Bali Service Excellent service.

.. for your very kınd revıew & we are so glad that you enjoyed your holıday @ ur Villa . It was a pleasure to meet you all (such a lovely family) Hope to Tümpel you again .. Steve & Elaine .. Fanden Sie diese Bewertung hilfreich? 1 Ja

Finally I nearly made it to the gate, on the bus and on the plane. It did not give me the chance to relax at the lounge as I paid for a business class ticket. I felt not being taken care of properly and as expected. BSL

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